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Jill Stein is again the US Green Party's presidential candidate. Learn about her platform, background, and views on the other candidates...




ACLU's Know Your Rights -
Protests & Demonstrations

Small (29KB) PDF file describing your rights to public free speech and what to avoid. For more visit their site at

Protest Toolkit: For Single-Payer Health Care

1.1MB PDF file created by the Chicago Single-Payer Action Network.

10 Reasons To Oppose Water Privatization

120MB PDF file

Knoxville's Urban Agriculture Code

1.7MB PDF file

Helping The Mentally Ill In Prison - ReThink

440KB PDF file describing the help for the menatlly ill in America's prisons.

The Economics Of A Living Wage

52KB PDF file with good rebuttal of common arguments for keeping America's workforce in poverty.

Best & Worst States For Women

Rankings and methodology included in this small 190kB PDF file.


Knoxville Green Party Meetings:

The Green Party of Knox County regularly meets the second Monday of every month from 6:30 - 8:00PM at Barley's in the Old City. Public welcome!!

Democratic Socialists Meeting

The DSA meets the first Monday of every month from 5:30-7:00PM at the Bearden Branch Library's meeting room.

Platypus Group

The Platypus Group is a weekly reading/discussion group meeting on campus focused on the problems and possibilities historically inherited by the political Left. Every Thursday 7-9 pm at the Hodges library of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, room 235P on main floor. Website:

- Nashville Events -

Events From The Nashville Peace & Justice Center

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

28 June Tues 4-5pm. Walking Vigil at CCA Headquarters. Corrections Corporation of America, 10 Burton Hills Blvd, Nashville 37215.

28 June Tues 6:30pm. NOAH meeting for School District 5 will be held at First Baptist Church South Inglewood, 1515 Ann Street, 37216. Meet your candidates. Voter registration available; deadline for registration is July 5; early voting begins July 15.

29 July Fri 5pm. Interfaith Oneness Musical Festival. Ingram Hall, Blair School of Music. Food and exhibition at 5pm, music at 6:30pm. Free, but registration required.

30 June Thurs 6:30pm. NOAH meeting for School District 7 will be held at Kairos Community AME Church, 413 Veritas Street, 37211. Meet your candidates. Voter registration available; deadline for registration is July 5; early voting begins July 15.

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Field Coordinator for East TN
Jacqui Sadlo

Voting Precinct Coordinator for Davidson County (24-1)
Beth Dachowski

For the Memphis Area:
Field Coordinator - Ed Griffith

Brad Hedge - contact directly to have announcements posted

- Platform -

Isa & the Left Open crew are Green Party members that follow the Green Party's progressive platform which includes universal health care and education through the undergraduate college level. Of course, the "green" in the Green Party is a strong, progressive stance against pollution and other corporate malfeasance.

We strongly support grass roots democracy and oppose the current corporatocracy threatening world freedom today. Click here for more details.

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- Essays -

Click to view a list of essays and open letters written by local Greens and friends. You can submit you own essay by simply sending a text to:

Isa Infante

About Isa

- Elder Wisdom -

Within the tribal structure you often had people who displayed the riches of their society. However they were never the chiefs, the peacemakers, the medicine people or the ceremony leaders. Those people were among the poorest because they lived as examples of the giveaway. The sharing of what you have with others who's needs are greater then yours. The tribe supported them knowing that most of what was given to them for their work would in turn be given back to the tribe.

Too bad that today's politicians, MD's, religious leaders and NGO leaders don't follow this example. Perhaps we need to choose our leaders based on how they live rather then what they say.

Perhaps more people need to show the way. I try to do so.

Bob (Big Tree) Smith