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The Resistance Must Be Digitized

A Knoxville motorist once harshly criticized cyclists for not having to pay for parking, registering their bikes, or insurance. The response, of course, is "Then why are you not bicycling?"

There is no downside to bicycling. Knoxville is a bicycle friendly city with plenty of free bike parking Downtown and at parks. There are also plenty of trails for cyclists that aren't quite ready for traffic.

If you have ever considered getting around by bike, give it some serious thought this month. Borrow or rent a bike and give it a try. Bicycling can be no more effort than walking, but is still a lot faster. Bicycling is infinitely better than a car for a short commute or trip to the store. Bicycling is a practical answer for those who can simply no longer afford a car. So burn fat and not fuel, save $$$, and start bicyling today!

- Getting Started -

Local Classes with I Bike KNX

Commuting By Bike: Getting Started - LifeHacker

10 Tips From Hardcore Bike Commuters

Zen You Commute: 6 Tips To Start Bicycling And Enjoy The Ride

- Traffic -

Street Smarts

How Not To Get Hit By Cars -

Riding Your Bike In Traffic - REI

Tennessee Bike Laws - TDOT

Downloadable TN Bike Laws (PDF)

- Hills -

Quick Beginners Cycling Tips: How To Climb Hills

9 Cycling Tips For Better Hill Climbing

How To Climb Steep Hills While Cycling

- Maintenance & Gear -

Assemble An Emergency Repair Kit - Snapguide

10 Emergency Road-Side Maintenance Tips for Cyclists - Girl-Bike-Love

A Bullshit-Free Guide to the Gear You Need to Commute By Bike

Elder Wisdom

The first day I ever was in Kinzu, I arrived in a wheel chair, with my triceps burnt in half and my right arm grown to my chest, so I couldn't use it at all. I had two pair of pants, one shirt, shoes too small and two sets of underwear. That day I only met two neighbors that day and was very upset that I had to come there instead of going home. The next morning i learned about the giveaway. Uncle Bob and Kathy (age 11) had to spend a hour bringing in clothes for me. the front porch was covered with clothing. When it was all sorted out I had sixteen pairs of pants, five pair of shoes, twenty seven shirts, eighteen sets of underwear, and six slings to keep my arm immobile. None of them were new, but all of them were clean, in bags or boxes and either fit me or I grew into in the next few months. this from a community of about 92 people at the time including children. Kathy who had volunteered to be my wheel chair person, received three sets of sneakers and two loose skirts plus a nurses uniform which fit in about six months. Grandmother received various herbs to treat me with, a bed for me to sleep in, enough sheets to take care of me for a week and enough food to feed a growing boy for a month. This is community is action, this is working together to solve problems. this is acting without being asked. If a small village can accomplish this what can we accomplish with a larger community?

Big Tree 7/26/2014

Listen To "Echoes Of Wounded Knee" concerning the current DAPL struggle here.