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NEWS - Tennessee Mom Throws A Fit When Her Daughter Learns About Islam In School. Details at Huffington Post.

NEWS - ETSU Freshman Arrested In Gorilla Mask Interrupting Black Lives Matter Demonstration. Details from Huffington Post.

NEWS - University of Tennessee law professor, Glenn Reynolds, encourages motorists to run down protestors. Details from Huffington Post.

NEWS - Jill Stein arrested for protecting tribal grounds from Big Oil pipeline. Details from FreeBeacon.

NEWS - Bernie Sanders strategist Dr. Cornel West now supports Jill Stein. Details on Huffington Post.

Jill Stein is again the US Green Party's presidential candidate. Learn about her platform, background, and views on the other candidates...




ACLU's Know Your Rights -
Protests & Demonstrations

Small (29KB) PDF file describing your rights to public free speech and what to avoid. For more visit their site at

Protest Toolkit: For Single-Payer Health Care

1.1MB PDF file created by the Chicago Single-Payer Action Network.

10 Reasons To Oppose Water Privatization

120MB PDF file

Knoxville's Urban Agriculture Code

1.7MB PDF file

Helping The Mentally Ill In Prison - ReThink

440KB PDF file describing the help for the menatlly ill in America's prisons.

The Economics Of A Living Wage

52KB PDF file with good rebuttal of common arguments for keeping America's workforce in poverty.

Best & Worst States For Women

Rankings and methodology included in this small 190kB PDF file.


Knoxville Green Party Meetings:

The Green Party of Knox County regularly meets the second Monday of every month from 6:30 - 8:00PM at Barley's in the Old City. Public welcome!!

Democratic Socialists Meeting

The DSA meets the first Monday of every month from 5:30-7:00PM at the Bearden Branch Library's meeting room.

Platypus Group

The Platypus Group is a weekly reading/discussion group meeting on campus focused on the problems and possibilities historically inherited by the political Left. Every Thursday 7-9 pm at the Hodges library of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, room 235P on main floor. Website:


Keep up with what's happening at the Birdhouse Community Center in Knoxville. They have all sorts of creative and political groups & classes!

- Workdays have been moved from Saturdays to Sundays.

- Nashville Events -

Events From The Nashville Peace & Justice Center

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

(For more information on these and more events from the Nashville Peace & Justice Center click here.)

13 Oct Thurs 7pm. Tiny Houses. Radnor Lake Visitor Center, 1160 Otter Creek Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37220 (enter from Granny White Pike). Sarah Murphy, of the American Tiny House Association, will discuss some of the practical and philosophical drivers behind the tiny house movement, some of the basics of "going tiny" and the current legal status of tiny houses in Nashville, as well as some of the changes that may be coming. (Note: Ms. Murphy is not involved in selling tiny houses.) Come at 6:30 to socialize, and the program will begin at 7pm. More info, or contact Betsy Garber(

14-16 Oct Fri-Sun. Indian Education Pow Wow & Fall Festival. Hosted by Native American Indian Association of TN. Long Hunter State Park, 2910 Hobson Pike, Hermitage, Tennessee 37076. Tickets (at gate): Adults $6, Seniors $3, children $3, under 5 years free. More info. Editorial note: As far as I am aware, this event is not directly related to the protest at Standing Rock; see October 8 for that.

17 Oct Mon 5:30-7:30pm. Cocktails fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. Eastland Cafe, 97 Chapel Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37206. Tickets $25, includes one drink and appetizers. More info.

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Field Coordinator for East TN
Jacqui Sadlo

Voting Precinct Coordinator for Davidson County (24-1)
Beth Dachowski

For the Memphis Area:
Field Coordinator - Ed Griffith

Brad Hedge - contact directly to have announcements posted

- Platform -

Isa & the Left Open crew are Green Party members that follow the Green Party's progressive platform which includes universal health care and education through the undergraduate college level. Of course, the "green" in the Green Party is a strong, progressive stance against pollution and other corporate malfeasance.

We strongly support grass roots democracy and oppose the current corporatocracy threatening world freedom today. Click here for more details.

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Click to view a list of essays and open letters written by local Greens and friends. You can submit you own essay by simply sending a text to:

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Plutocratic Forces Crippled Democracy, And Why It’s Up To Us To Fight Back

City of Durham, North Carolina Passes ERA Resolution

'I Was Doing My Job': Climate Reporter Facing 45 Years Speaks Out

We Can’t Stop Looking At These Unforgettable Images Of The Black Panthers

Strict Photo ID Laws Threaten Transgender Voting Rights

Spain: Thousands Rally Against TTIP And CETA In Madrid

8 Cities Have New Co-op-Style Black Worker Centers

Colombian Victims Of War Greeted By Tens Thousands For Peace

Report: Privatization Drives Inequality

How Urban Governments Are Promoting Worker Co-ops

Documentary Film Producer Arrested at North Dakota Oil Protest

7th Grade Girl Invents Advanced Medical Band-Aid

CoverGirl Reveals Its First Male Spokesmodel

Tesla Of Eco-Villages Is Developing Off-Grid Villages

Jill Stein Should Be Part Of A Four-Way Presidential Debate

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Guns in Abusive Homes

President Signs Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights

Guaranteed Legal Aid May Become a Reality for Low-Income Tenants in New York

US Hypocrisy: Urges Inclusive Debates Around The World But Not In US

Tragedy Of Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women In Canada

Cynical Environmentalism: Protecting Nature To Prepare For War

When Agribusinesses Control The Government, People Die

73% Of Fortune 500 Companies Use Offshore Tax Havens

US Court Protects ‘School Of The Assassins’ Graduates

How The Payday Loan Industry Is Obstructing Reform

Gap Co-Founder Doris Fisher Is Bankrolling Charter School Agenda

Barcelona Is Kicking Cars Off Many Of Its Streets

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Among Those Arrested

Women’s Boat To Gaza Intercepted: Participants Siezed

Investors Urge 16 Global Food Producers To Divest From Factory Farming

Study: Earth Warmer Than It Has Been In 120,000

Looking To The Earth Itself As A Climate Solution

Cast Your Vote: Which Corporation Most Deserves A Boycott?

Alabama Prison Guards Went On Strike This Weekend In Solidarity With Inmates

1,000 People March And Rally In Queens In To Close Rikers Island Jail Complex

Black Journalist T. Thomas Fortune Prophetically Predicts Today’s Political Climate

Corporate Profits Are Way Up, Corporate Taxes Are Way Down

A Do-Over For Our Unequal Economy?

‘Travesty’: Nestlé Outbids Another Town For Control Of Local Water Supply

Privatization Of Public Education: This Changes Everything

Student In Gorilla Mask Arrested After Disrupting Black Lives Matter Protest

The New Election Laws And The Suits Challenging Them

Global Warming And The Future Of Humanity

The Financial Aristocracy

University of Tennessee law professor encourages motorists to run over protesters!

Greens support widespread protests against blocking third parties from debates

Korean and U.S. Green Parties joint statement against deployment of U.S. missile program in Korea

Student Income Loans Transfer Wealth To Investors, Risk To Students

Census Data Show US Needs Single Payer Now

Leaked Documents Reveal Secretive Influence Of Corporate Cash On Politics

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- Elder Wisdom -

Many elders in the fifties taught that each of us was responsible for reporting any hardship, lack or trouble to the tribe.Each was responsible then in finding solutions to the problem. That was why all could call council, all could speak for self or if necessary for those who could not speak. If you don't have a council, create one. If you don't see problems that need help your not looking. Even if the problems are yours ask for help. Remember a council may not be able to solve every problem. However many minds can suggest many solutions.

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