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Cheap, Clean Energy Pushes California Electricity Prices Below Zero

2017 Voter's Guide

Knoxville's Election Districts

Left Open's 2017 Voter's Guide is based on which candidates fit closest to Green Party values, have the energy and intelligence to do the job right, and, most importantly, are committed to serve the people and not just the real estate developers of Knoxville. The good news is that quite a few progressive candidates qualify and in some cases - like Districts 3 & 6 - it was hard to pick one candidate.

Below are our picks by district. Early voting begins August 9th. Check our complete voter's guide for instructions on how and where to vote, absentee voting, and polling place rules.

Note: Left Open does not confer official Green Party endorsement. That comes from the party itself. Official endorsement is noted below.

District 1 - Rebecca Parr

Rebecca Parr

Ms Parr wants the city to pay more attention to the unheard voices of South Knoxville, and Knoxville in general. She has official Green Party endorsement. More about Rebecca Parr.

District 2 - Andrew Roberto

Andrew Roberto

Mr Roberto is an attorney and partner at Brown & Roberto. More about Andrew Roberto.

District 3 - Seema Singh Perez

Ms Perez has been a progressive activist in Knoxville for decades. Her commitment to the people of the 3rd District is unquestioned. She has official Green Party endorsement. More about Seema Singh Perez.

District 4 - Amelia (Amy) Parker

Ms Parker is a well educated, disciplined founder of Knoxville's Black Lives Matter movement. She is also involved in many other progressive activities. She has official Green Party endorsement. More about Amelia Parker.

District 6 - David Gillette

David Gillette

Mr Gillette gets it and knows the issues facing Knoxville's 6th District and Black Community. He is uniquely able to bring these issues to the City Council's table. More about David Gillette.

Elder Wisdom

The first day I ever was in Kinzu, I arrived in a wheel chair, with my triceps burnt in half and my right arm grown to my chest, so I couldn't use it at all. I had two pair of pants, one shirt, shoes too small and two sets of underwear. That day I only met two neighbors that day and was very upset that I had to come there instead of going home. The next morning i learned about the giveaway. Uncle Bob and Kathy (age 11) had to spend a hour bringing in clothes for me. the front porch was covered with clothing. When it was all sorted out I had sixteen pairs of pants, five pair of shoes, twenty seven shirts, eighteen sets of underwear, and six slings to keep my arm immobile. None of them were new, but all of them were clean, in bags or boxes and either fit me or I grew into in the next few months. this from a community of about 92 people at the time including children. Kathy who had volunteered to be my wheel chair person, received three sets of sneakers and two loose skirts plus a nurses uniform which fit in about six months. Grandmother received various herbs to treat me with, a bed for me to sleep in, enough sheets to take care of me for a week and enough food to feed a growing boy for a month. This is community is action, this is working together to solve problems. this is acting without being asked. If a small village can accomplish this what can we accomplish with a larger community?

Big Tree 7/26/2014

Listen To "Echoes Of Wounded Knee" concerning the current DAPL struggle here.