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In Red Pairs: Handmaids Are Resisting

Seattle Mayor, 2 City Council Members Propose City Income Tax On The Rich

Is Canada Planning Extreme Military Escalation?

Miami Conference Signals Further Militarization Of US Policy In Central America

Statement Of Cuba In Reaction To Trump’s New Cuba Policy

Veteran Organizer Gives Inside Look At The First $15 Minimum Wage Campaign

Are You Unable To Afford Decent Housing? Welcome To The Club

Hawaii May Become First State With Guaranteed Income

Massachusetts To Vote On Taxing The Wealthy

TN Counties Sue Opioid Makers Using Local “Crack Tax” Law

Repressing Radicalism

Regulators Should Block Amazon’s Acquisition Of Whole Foods

Unsung Black Heroines Launched Modern Domestic Workers Movement

Yale Graduate Teachers Launch Hunger Strike Over Bid To Unionize

Cheap, Clean Energy Pushes California Electricity Prices Below Zero

Citizens’ Wealth Funds: An Alternative To The Inequality Escalator

The Most Important Day In The Last 10,000 Years

The Class War Should Unite Us

Now Just Five Men Own Almost As Much Wealth As Half Of World's Population

Co-Ops Lead By Putting Communities In Charge Of New Housing Projects

13 U.S. Cities Defy Trump By Posting Deleted Climate Data

Head Of National Nurses Encourages Sanders To Start A People’s Party

Left-Right Alliance To Break Up The Banks

Coalition Of 13 States Challenge Trump On Vehicle Emission Standards

Study: Climate Change Is Producing Adverse Health Effects

Study: Legal Pot Will Boost California Economy By $5 Billion

Media Groups Concerned About Death Threats To California Newspaper

National Day Of Action To Protect Our Internet!

Impeach The U.S. Constitution

Venezuela Resists U.S. Sabotage

US Begins Military Exercises Off Venezuelan Coast

Newsletter: Corbyn Teaches To Embrace Change We Need

Will Progressives Only Talk To Themselves?

Mathematicians Want To Save Democracy

Turning Capital Against Capitalism

Bronx Home Health Care Cooperative Is Fixing The Field One Aide At A Time

From Oslo To Vancouver, These Major Cities Have Plans To Go Car-Free

How Norway Avoided Becoming A Fascist State

Why We Should Stop Using The Word “Activist”

Journalist Faces 75 Years For Covering DC Inauguration Protest

Amid Divestment Protests, More Cities Explore Public Banks

Fresno State Cancels A Middle East Studies Professorship Amid Alleged Right-Wing Pro-Israel Pressure

A Class-Only Approach Will Fail Women Of Color

Corporations & Western Governments Continue To Profit From Looting Africa

Antonio Gramsci And The Battle Against Fascism

France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels

New York City Begins Divestment From Wells Fargo

Our Economy Is Based On A Massive LIE That's Killing People

Envisioning What Kind Of Society We Want To Live In

April Showed Huge Increase In Nonviolent Protests Across the US

Third Parties’ Only Hope: A New Anti-Duopoly Occupy

Boycott Trump

Trump TV, Coming To A Market Near You

Basic Income Works


Trump supporters are angry and want to hurt those they are told are at the root of their problems. They are told that unemployment is caused by liberals, not the Republicans who own the businesses that move to China. The health care crisis is caused by liberal lawyers and malpractice cases, not Republican insurance companies who actually set the rates. To Trump supporters civil rights encourage crime and the police should violate a citizen's rights every chance they get. No one is innocent. Trickery and brutality should be at the core of police training.

No one can be a "true patriot" if they don't buy into the fundamental lies above. Trump supporters claim sole rights to American patriotism and are self-justified in assaulting all who disagree with them.

Trump supporters are best left alone and ignored. The level of paranoia is pathologic. They are dangerous people that have become unhinged with the coronation of their leader. What can you do if you confront one in its natural habitat? Read on...

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Elder Wisdom

The first day I ever was in Kinzu, I arrived in a wheel chair, with my triceps burnt in half and my right arm grown to my chest, so I couldn't use it at all. I had two pair of pants, one shirt, shoes too small and two sets of underwear. That day I only met two neighbors that day and was very upset that I had to come there instead of going home. The next morning i learned about the giveaway. Uncle Bob and Kathy (age 11) had to spend a hour bringing in clothes for me. the front porch was covered with clothing. When it was all sorted out I had sixteen pairs of pants, five pair of shoes, twenty seven shirts, eighteen sets of underwear, and six slings to keep my arm immobile. None of them were new, but all of them were clean, in bags or boxes and either fit me or I grew into in the next few months. this from a community of about 92 people at the time including children. Kathy who had volunteered to be my wheel chair person, received three sets of sneakers and two loose skirts plus a nurses uniform which fit in about six months. Grandmother received various herbs to treat me with, a bed for me to sleep in, enough sheets to take care of me for a week and enough food to feed a growing boy for a month. This is community is action, this is working together to solve problems. this is acting without being asked. If a small village can accomplish this what can we accomplish with a larger community?

Big Tree 7/26/2014

Listen To "Echoes Of Wounded Knee" concerning the current DAPL struggle here.