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Within the tribal structure you often had people who displayed the riches of their society. However, they were never the chiefs, the peacemakers, the medicine people, or the ceremony leaders.

Those people were among the poorest because they lived as examples of the "giveaway". The sharing of what you have with others whose needs are greater than yours. The tribe supported them knowing that most of what was given to them for their work would, in turn, be given back to the tribe.

Too bad that today's politicians, MDs, religious leaders, and NGO leaders don't follow this example. Perhaps we need to choose our leaders based on how they live rather then what they say. Perhaps more people need to show the way. I try to do so.

Big Tree 9/19/2016

Listen To "Echoes Of Wounded Knee" concerning the current DAPL struggle here.

African Americans have never seen good times in the US as a people. Brought here as slaves, liberation has led only to more subtle types of oppression. Time after time, in every era, African Americans have risen to the challenge of diminished civil rights with effective civil disobedience.

This Black History Month, Left Open wants to salute America's original activists. Black America has struggled not just to obtain equality for themselves, but that all Americans can enjoy the civil rights promised by our highest laws. Black sacrifices have raised us all. Lets all work a little harder to quit sinking.

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