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activism is rent

Activism is the balancing opposite of the corporate status quo. It might be as simple and personal as helping a neighbor recycle or as public as protesting a pipeline. There are many forms of activism including: voting, teaching, petitioning, rallying, and protesting. All of them are important.

Protests & Demonstrations

This is what the term "activism" means to many. Getting out there and letting your light shine and voice be heard in the street. The history of direct activism is one of success, but there is often a heavy price. It pays to make sure that any demonstrations you are in are organized and that you are aware of any risks you might be taking.

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Just a couple of local notes for Knoxville: If you wear a respirator or face covering of any kind you will violate the "mask" law. You have a right to wear a helmet, but that won't stop the cops for arresting you for not taking it off. The police in Knoxville/Knox County are the military arm of the local Republican Party and behave as such with total immunity.


Voting is as simple as casting you own ballot or as complex as campaigning for a candidate. Volunteer to ride people to the polls. Help candidates with rallies and donations. The two most important voting issues are registering voters and overcoming voter suppression. Here's more...

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