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One cannot be genuinely concerned with the global environment if not concerned about the immediate environment of home and work. The advantages of de-cluttering and keeping a clean house go without mentioning. How to go about greening your home can be confusing and cover everything from everyday cleaning to major additions like passive solar hot water heating.

Where to start? De-cluttering. Go slow and get rid of the things you aren't currently using. Fix broken things, give away or sell usable items, and recycle the rest. Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle. Make sure to clean a room after you de-clutter it. Now on to the lawn and issues like saving electricity and water.

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reduce reuse recycle

Reduce means quit buying stuff. It is first for a reason. The most important thing you can do for yourself, the planet, and society, is to check your level of consumerism. Consumerism promotes the lie that people and nature are so inherently flawed that we need to buy Big Business's products to survive and be normal. We are so seriously flawed and in need of products that slavery, pollution, and fradulent lending must all be excused.

Reusing products goes in two directions. An item can be repaired and used for its original purpose, like repairing your bike so it will ride. On the other hand, you can find a new use for your item - like making a raft out of plastic water bottles or making a vest out of a torn tablecloth. This "re-purposing" of an item is your chance to be crafty.

Recycling is at the bottom of the list because it offers less return than not buying an item in the first place or reusing an item. Recycling takes energy and labor to convert an item into its elemental materials. These materials are then re-processed for use in new manufacturing. This saves the earth having to put out new native materials, but it is at the cost of energy and often pollution.

Reduction speaks for itself. Quit buying crap and discourage people from giving you non-consumable stuff. The links below are mostly about re-purposing common items like plastic bottles. The last links in this section concern local recycling centers. Knox County has *fantastic* one-stop recycling centers.

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KARM (rescue mission). Donate working items to their thrift stores. Check their site to see what all they accept. They take in nearly everything including Knoxville's homeless and desperate.

Knox County Recycling

Recycling Options in Knoxville

Map Of Knox County/Knoxville City Recycling Centers

Green House Cleaning

Make a friend of white vinegar. Find a really good eco-friendly dish soap, like Seventh Generation, and make it a base for most of your cleaning. Mixing dish soap and white vinegar 1:2 makes a very powerful eco-friendly cleaner.

Do not go out and buy a lot of "green" stuff. Old standbys like vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide (OxyClean) will get the job done. More green house cleaning tips below:

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