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Left Open believes that green living is something that encompasses all phases of one's life. It not only makes the obvious improvements in the environment and politics, but actually improves the individual. Green living is the ultimate in self-improvement. Start with yourself and continually learn and improve everything around you.

One thing that is noticeable about living greener is the principle of minimalism. Doing things efficiently using the minimum of resources. From diet and exercise to organizing a large demonstration, efficiency, simplicity, and minimalism are keys to success.

There is no set "green" self-improvement program, but Left Open recommends starting inward and expanding outward. Start with meditation to calm and clear the mind. Add in some mindful changes to diet. Next add exercise as you can. Keep exercise short and sweet.

Improve your immediate environment at home and work - declutter, save energy, recycle. Now take it to the streets and encourage others to make a better world for everyone by joining groups and and becomeing active in practical and political change.

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